Idiot Ball: In the second prologue, Dumbledore carries it nicely. Loading Unsubscribe from ajc1nz? Ralph Fiennes Discusses Playing Voldemort - The Graham Norton Show - Duration: 2:23. Unable to take it First, Voldemort wasn't the one who killed the Potter's. Bol na jeho panstve už štvrtý týždeň a všetko sa zdalo byť úplne v poriadku. Graduation from Hogwarts, his marriage, and political threats are on the horizon. Harry za ním len zmätene hľadel. 333 Voldemort/Tom Riddle - Harry Potter This community is dedicated to the fanficition that includes slash LV/HP or TMR/HP pairing + just relationship with no slash elements between these two figures as main characters. Harry navigates the complex world of pureblood society and traditions while paving the way for change in a world where the Dark Lord reigns supreme. Other websites you can find Harry Potter fanfictions are: -Movellas -Wattpad -Quotev Latest activity Summary---Harry defeats Voldemort in his own world but is so scared that he will hurt someone with his new powers that he wishes himself away and sends himself to an alternate universe where he has a second chance to live his life. org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. Which means that now Neville is the one fighting Voldemort. How We Got Here: The first prologue opens in June 1995, after Voldemort's return in the graveyard of Little Hangleton, with Harry, a Slytherin, Harry Potter FanFic Archive. Hermione and Arthur get transported to USA due to a Portkey and now have to live as Muggles in order to survive . Harry must now explore those effects, and magic itself, all while battling killer teachers, giant beasts, and more in a school that really needs a safety board. Harry snickered and said "And that's the end of the chapter. Voldemort split his soul into seven pieces in an attempt to conquer death. (--Began writing HP fanfiction in November 2002; at that time the last book released was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire--) 100 Words (or less) Drabbles View all the Drabbles together on this page , or click the links below to get to them individually. This is my second blog. As of 8 July 2013, there are 534 Harry/Voldemort fanworks at the Archive of Our Own (which is not even a major archive for HP fanfic). TOMARRY/HARRYMORT Defending both Harry Potter and Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. A Winter's Reprieve- By enchanted nightingale. These are fics with a pairing of Harry/Tom Riddle, or Harry/Voldemort. After the disappearance of Harry. With a whispered kiss on the back of Harry's neck Voldemort said the words that would activate the second part of the secret of liquid Devils Hand; the power to control the muscles underneath, spoken of course by parseltongue. Voldemort: Origins of the Heir is an English-language Italian dark fantasy film directed by Gianmaria Pezzato and with Stefano Prestia as executive producer. Albus is NOT a Light ally). Harry walks into the Forbidden Forest again to meet Voldemort. I Am Lord Voldemort helly-watermelonsmellinfellon. May 10, 2014 · Harry Potter and The Warrior's Path (Harry/Hermion The Resilience of Time (Gen) Harry Potter and the Champion's Champion (Harry/He Twins: A Different Life (Gen) Harry Potter and the Escape to New York (Harry/Her Prince of the Dark Kingdom (Harry and Voldemort) DragonKin (Harry and Draco) The Goblin Market (Jareth/Sarah April (11) Dumbledore sends Harry back to school, where he explains how the sphere was a prophecy, which stated that Harry has a power that Voldemort does not know about. Voldemort had Albus, wandless, in a security dome. Jade's Harry Potter Fanfics Pairings Notes Voldemort/Harry, Voldemort/Draco, Lucius/Draco, Harry/Draco, ? based on her Harry Potter fanfiction, please go here. He was his Queen and Merlin help anybody who disrespected his Queen. The prophecy goes on to claim that Harry will either destroy Voldemort or be destroyed by him. Voldemort thought to himself, raising his wand and with two words and a green light, James was dead. Catergories : After his graveyard resurrection Lord Voldemort comes to a shocking revelation, Harry Potter is his horcrux. Harry and Tom have a secret though, that will bring disaster to those who fight against them. This changes everything. inside. Located : Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Voldemort/Ginny In 1942, Tom slowly descends into the world of perversion. K. The boy had gone to far this time. A Desperate Cry for Help: An Epistolary Tale Part One by vernie_klein Summary: After the Department of Mysteries Fiasco, all Harry wants to do is grieve in peace. YOU ARE READING. This is an entirely platonic (though very intimate) relationship that is the core of the story. This is a Harry that snapped early on beginning with the murder of the Dursleys. A student at Durmstrang Institute, Grindelwald was expelled for twisted, dark experiments and near-fatal attacks on Hello and welcome to fuckyeahhpslash. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Harry blocks Voldemort's Killing Curse several times during their fight on the Grand Staircase, despite the curse being unblockable. Jul 03, 2012 · In a world where Voldemort is the ruler, and pureblood supremacy is a rule Harry Potter thought that he was an ordinary person, not unlike his classmates at Durmstrang. Follow her on an adventure f Godric's Hollow "Harry, that's my soulmate's name —beautiful. Harry's In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry assumes Nagini's viewpoint during her attack on Arthur Weasley in one of his dreams; Albus Dumbledore believes this an effect of Harry's special connection to Voldemort, with Harry's witnessing the attack by virtue that Voldemort's mind "happened to be" in Nagini at the time. Then Voldemort gave Harry his wand and offered for him to kill Albus. We have just released v6. , Voldemort  9 Jun 2012 Voldemort wants an Heir and since he is married to Lucius Malfoy he wants him to have it TR/LM HP/TR RL/SB HP/DM. When Ana receives a letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry her whole life changes. 20 Nov 2013 Harry gets captured at the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Follow her nefarious plots, and Harry's desperate attempts at avoiding being manipulated by someone in the shadows. Where Harry’s got a sister called Kira Riddle. Madelyn spends her time studying and riding brooms Voldemort's Daughter {Harry Potter Fanfic} Fanfiction. A ceasefire is agreed, Harry Potter is collateral - the target of Voldemort's newest, most potent obsession. „Dobrú noc, Harry,“ zaželal mu a stratil sa ako tieň. There was no romance and I think it was labeled as a family genre, and I believe it was on the fanfiction. This fanfic provides examples of: The magic is unknown to the degree that Snape, who effectively has Mastery level knowledge of Dark Arts, has never even heard of such a thing. With his world collapsing around his ears, Harry makes a decision that brings him face to face with Death herself. http They were assassins. K. Voldemort takes over the Ministry and puts a trace on anyone performing magic. This story chronicles the rise of Harry Potter, the right hand of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Ana Wells was abandoned by her mother when she was a newborn and has spent the past 11 years of her life in an orphanage. 12 Feb 2012 And Bravo's Andy Cohen, after previously having Watch What Happens Live guest Ralph Fiennes read some Harry-Voldemort slash on live  1 Aug 2016 This article contains major spoilers from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Voldemort and help Dumbledore, to his choice to protect Harry after Lily died, Tell Albus -- tell Albus Severus -- I'm proud he carries my name. Unfortunately for him, his friends and family are going to do anything in their power to keep that from happening. -150 Galleons: bribe, that had probably been to spread rumors of Dumbledore's madness, +200 Galleons: inner circle fees, yes one had to pay to get into Voldemort's most trusted, -10 Galleons: muggle clothing, it was an annoyance, but necessary for visiting Harry. The film follows an original character, Grisha Mac Laggen, Apr 03, 2019 · Now Ralph Fiennes, the Oscar-nominated actor who portrayed Voldemort, has finally revealed the truth about his character's wand and the unique way in which he holds it. Harry has embraced his position as the Dark Lord's future husband. Fanfiction Recommendations I write, and have a great preference to read, erotica. Instead, he got two life sentences in Azkaban. Jan 24, 2017 · Verry Good but very creepy Harry Potter. " Everyone stood and Voldemort immediately was by Harry's side, putting his hand on the boy's shoulder and bringing him out of the room to the bedroom where Harry had slept the previous night. Fic recs, artwork, links and more. Hadrian was fearless and crazier than him. Located : Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Tom: Instead of trying to kill Harry Potter, Tom Riddle kidnaps him and raises him to be the most powerful Dark Wizard the world has ever seen. After making a deal, Harry agrees to help the Dark Lord return to his human form. Fanfiction is often used as a stepping stone for writers to get comfortable with language and worldbuilding. Voldemort ho nemučil, neubližoval mu a nepokúšal sa ho ani pobozkať. com is my Main Blog. Jul 03, 2012 · After Lily's death, her elder son was sent to live with the Dursleys. There are plot twists so that you are at times not sure of his loyalty and the ending and interpretation of the prophecy is good. Completed Fics Abandon by Batsutousai. This is a twisted FanFic of Harry… Well, being another gender and is raised by Lord Voldemort! A Father's Pride Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. The users of Harry Potter Fan Fiction Wiki Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories. The Dursleys' treatment of Harry sickens even Voldemort. Actually there are quite a few fanfics that have Voldemort finding out that Harry was abused and as such has more in common with him then he first thought. She's a woman with an unnatural attraction to the boy who lived. Harry Potter: 25 Memes That Show That Voldemort Makes No Sense. Net Adult-FanFiction. ROLE-PLAY THURSDAY! Ask Harry, Tom, or Lord Voldemort a question! Aug 20, 2017 · Tom Riddle/Harry Potter or Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter. Jul 03, 2012 · Harry, an Auror in training, tries to deal with the consequences of the Final Battle as he interrogates Voldemort who is a prisoner in his own dream world. It is an unofficial fan-made prequel to the Harry Potter film series. fanfiction tomarry harrymort femharry male slash otp piddle hp harry potter lord voldemort fanfic fics fic fanfiction. Unknown to Voldemort, he also left part of his soul with Harry when he attempted to kill him. You’ll notice the bold disclaimers at the beginning and end of the trailer. But Incomplete. But there were some things about the guy that just don't make sense. Jan 22, 2012 · Ralph Fiennes Reads Sexy Harry Potter Fanfiction ajc1nz. *Harry Potter Fanfic - all credit goes to JK Rowling* Everyone knows about Lord Voldemort, but nobody knows about his daughter. Voldemort defeats Harry Potter and takes the boy into his service. Masterlist Oneshot Fullfic Complete WIP Harry/Voldemort Harry/Severus Summary: The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted. Harrymort/Tomarry blog. Nineteen years after the downfall of Voldemort, Harry is faced with the collapse of his entire life. Jul 25, 2012 · This is the scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone where Voldemort attacks harry to get the stone 1080p HD. Harry is raised by Voldemort. The judge hit him with a silencing spell. Pairings: Voldemort-Tom/Harry. iOS v4 app with the same feature-set is currently being beta-tested and will be released soon. Voldemort practices Occlumency throughout the period of Half-Blood Prince to deny Harry access to his thoughts and emotions. This update page doubles as the general announcement page for Gramarye, so if we have anything important to let you know directly concerning this archive, here's the place we'll tell you. As Voldemort spoke, his voice loud in the empty graveyard a thought crossed Harry's mind that made him realize how much of a Slytherin he really was. Harry Potter and the Dark's Rise by Marshall Angmar. Voldemort later attacks and Harry survives. Luckily for Harry, he doesn’t have to do this all alone. Fanfiction and fan art. The curse Voldemort cast on baby Harry had far-reaching effects on Harry’s magic. Origin of the Heir has been in development for quite some time, and Tryangle Films, the production studio behind the film, is very open that this is a non-commercial fan film. Snape's character becomes more layered and enigmatic as the series progresses, and a central mystery concerns his loyalties. com. Send your feedback to dev@fictionpress. Harry decides it is time for something new. Now, they have to teach those stick-waving Brits how to kill titans and titan-shifters. Fanfiction stories for the Harry Potter series by J. Two small shifts, that change absolutely everything – and understanding is a more dangerous weapon than even Dumbledore could ever have imagined. Jul 31, 2016 · OK, now that you've finished screaming your head off about the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , you're probably wondering: when was Delphi born? SPOILERS AHEAD! If you're utterly Jan 14, 2018 · A slick film that covers an important part of Harry Potter lore. Seth Tenebris is the assistant of Dolores Umbridge, a man who dreams of killing Voldemort and a famous wizard known for his many exploits. Try it! (INDEFINITELY ON HOLD) The best fem!Voldemort fic I have read. Harry Potter then turns to him to help him prove to the Wizarding World that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back. Naopak, učil ho a bol v celku priateľský. In the book, Voldemort unsuccessfully tries to regain his dissolved body by stealing the titular Philosopher's Stone . The 52 minute Voldemort: Origins of the Heir is a sleek affair, with quite a few digital effects, elaborate sets, and impeccable costumes, but which gets at the heart of an important part of Harry Potter lore. Harry beings his trip to the dark side fairly quickly and instead of going to Hogwarts he attends Noctiluca and gathers a group around him. When Harry and Neville are alone on the steps of the castle, Harry has the same conversation with Dumbledore about life and death, about the old wizard’s own plans and foils, and about Voldemort and Harry’s fates. Full summ. She gets invited to Hogwarts where she learns about and be And Dumbledore is evil and Voldemort tricks him to re-sort Harry into Slytherin. tumblr. Summary Tom Riddle is the Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Nov 27, 2012 · Dabbling with the dark (Voldemort/Harry) This is one of the more interesting Harry ends up with Voldemort because he does not immediately fall in love and jump in bed with him. The Maledictus carries a blood curse from birth, which is passed down from Otherwise, it's all fan fiction — which also works, when the fan fiction is written . Our love: Harry Potter x Voldemort Fanfiction. However, no one suspects that Voldemort, the Dark Lord and ruler of Wizarding Britain's little consort, an apparent long-lost descendant of the Black line is not who she seems to be. Dumbledore explains that this power is love. Things were looking grim by that time. In Band 6 findet Harry heraus, was er tun muss, um Voldemort zu besiegen. Alternatively, it's setup for an evil!Dumbledore fanfic. Rated: Fiction M  14 Jun 2010 Rating: Mature! Smut! Angsty, but mostly smut. 17 Aug 2013 Harry loses his ability to speak in this summer's recent beatings. "It's time to sleep then. Rowling. Send a message to the manager if you have read or written a Dark Harry story that isn't in this community. A quick legilimency attack on Harry convinces Voldemort of three things, firstly that Dumbledore knows about his horcruxes, secondly that he needs to reabsorb the errant piece of his soul that was released from Humming a soft lullaby, Voldemort made Harry's limp body turn around into a bridal postion, with Harry's head on his shoulder, one of his arms hooked under Harry's knees with the hand tracing a snake outline on a slender tigh and the other arm cradling him to his chest. Rowling never stopped writing Harry Potter. Dark or sort of Dark Harry. Dark!Harry Mentor!Voldemort Divergence So. 2) Voldemort arrived just a little bit early. Nov 18, 2009 · Voldemort finds himself both irritated and fascinated by Harry and makes Harry his protege, a tool to be used, an apprentice to mentor, and a child to love. He is surprised to find a mute child. Several original characters are introduced in the film: not only the protagonist, but also the other Hogwarts houses' heirs, and s Voldemort is said to be the master of Legilimency by Snape, as he, in almost all cases, immediately knows if someone lied to him. After that, Harry is forced to learn how to survive the violent and surreal reality of Voldemort's everyday life, and try his best to make it back to Hogwarts in one piece. Established Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter. Nov 20, 2019 · It isn't entirely mystifying that Voldemort wants to be the one to kill Harry Potter himself, however, it is a little odd that he absolutely insists on it. Voldemort comes back in Harry's 4th year. Neville, who is helping Oliver Wood carry Colin Creevey’s corpse inside, almost runs into the invisible Harry. Features an obsessed Lucius and Severus, a dreadfully used Draco and Sirius, and an ending that had me curled up and whimpering. He simply assumes that Jim is the prophecy child because he has a scar, even though Harry also has a scar. Harry is secretly half-dragon, or half-veela, or half-whatever magical creature. Voldemort is extremely arrogant, and that overconfidence in himself is clearly tested by Harry Potter's continued existence. i hope you decide to check it out! Dec 12, 2017 · This Harry Potter AI-generated fanfiction is remarkably good. Lord Voldemort made a revolt against the system but is eventually defeated in the Civil War by Sultan Dumbledore, who allows Lord Potter to take the spoils after he won the majority of conquests against the Dark Lords forces, the Malfoys, and the Gaunts. LV/HP Slash & MPREG. 26 Sep 2018 J. Stories in which Harry Potter chooses a darker path than the one in the books. This story was a request from Facebook so please enjoy. A truly born Slytherin here! Salazar, a harry potter fanfic. The movie has all the amateurish qualities that makes people deride fanfiction in the first place. Harry entscheidet sich dafür, dies anzupacken, nicht weil die Prophezeiung es ihm vorschreibt, sondern weil er den besiegen will, der jetzt wie schon zuvor soviel Leid und Schrecken über magische und nicht-magische Menschen bringt. Though attracted to the Dark Arts and Voldemort's ideology of wizard supremacy, Snape's love for Muggle-born Lily Evans, Harry's mother, eventually compelled him to defect from the Death Eaters and become a double agent for Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix. Dec 29, 2011 · Harry Potter Fanfiction - Female Voldemort? Hey there, are there any Harry Potter fanfictions that have a female Tom Riddle/Voldemort? Preferably somehow in a "relationship" with Harry, but it's fine if it isn't. This is the first Nov 18, 2009 · Voldemort finds himself both irritated and fascinated by Harry and makes Harry his protege, a tool to be used, an apprentice to mentor, and a child to love. this story is amazing. I hereby present to you the darkest fics available since the conception of ff, including betrayed harry, harry in azkaban, neglected harry, twin harry, manipulate me and die harry, and of course the obligatory slytherin evil sneaky dark all-mighty-powerful harry + dashes of ravenclawness and the occasional hilarity (of the hilarious sort -_-). Voldemort is disembodied, and Harry carries a mysterious scar on his forehead as a result. Voldemort finds a prophecy about Harry and himself, and he saves a near-dead Harry. This is VERY AU. story-identification harry-potter fan-fiction Aug 24, 2012 · This was our first ever Fanfiction and I hope you like the trailer for it. It is hinted that Voldemort was sexually related with Lestrange, also Bellatrix and some other people of both sexes. This can have something to do with the fact that the Elder Wand wasn't in Voldemort's power of use and that it was fighting Harry, its true master. Because Harry was a minor, they could not sentence him to the Dementor's Kiss. One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of. Harry faces Voldemort in the forest, unarmed and awaiting death. Prior to the tease, Nagini was only as Lord Voldemort's loyal serpent and a host for his horcrux. Summary:Abandoned on the streets of London, 16 year old Harry Potter must find a way to survive. That meant there were eight pieces of Voldemort's soul. Harry Potter is the heir of all four Hogwarts houses and has to take five wives to carry on the Potter, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin lines. Harry/multi. Gellert Grindelwald (c. But Voldemort loved the irony of it being Harry who would defeat the Light. Profile of an author hosted on Noire Sensus. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Yet, Harry still sat there, pleading, proclaiming innocence. Plagued by memories of his past life and smarter than before everything is about to change. fem!Voldemort > What else could Voldemort have tried to kill Harry (new ideas as I’m writing fanfic with a new plot set in Harrys 1st year) - can involve a new artefact that’s not canon? Madelyn Potter is the younger sister of the famous Harry Potter, who both managed to survive Voldemort's wrath. tumblr, a Harry Potter slash fanfiction & fanart recommendation blog run by Blackie and Yoyo. Malfoy stood. Voldemort sa bez slova postavil. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Now, twelve years later, she is finally able to join Hogwarts, where she meets new and amazing friends she could never had asked for. And then Voldemort finds out who Harry really is. Summary--- Summer is over. Honestly I can never remember whether it is sociopath or psychopath but he is not normal. He had thought to beg Voldemort for his life, but that would not happen. Though they don't have the very specific plot that you are looking for they are still simil Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark Lord's Heir Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. This blog is the secondary Tumblr for the Harrymort/Tomarry Facebook Group! Come join us, if you are not already a member!Feel free to drop an ask about fics or recommend one. an excellent fic about time travel, Voldemort and choices, when you live the same life over and over again with all your memories you lose the innocense and the rigid black/white and good/evil. Harry Potter FanFic Archive. Voldemort gives Harry to his Death Eaters as their whore for the title's duration of time, as a method of both breaking him and training him to be Voldemort's own personal slave. After they both danced upon the bones of his father, Voldemort discovers Harry Potter is the seventh Horcrux he never intended to make. Harry performs a forbidden spell, ignoring the risks and outcomes. Voldemort commented. With little regard for most, Harry makes a name for himself at Hogwarts, and shows everyone that he is far more than just the BWL. I'm sorry that I spelt a few words wrong, I sometimes mix up letters, my bad. But Colin’s body is tiny enough that Oliver decides he can carry it the rest of the way by himself. But when Voldemort summons their enemies to the world of Harry Potter, they're just Muggles. He is sent to an orphanage to bring a young boy his Hogwarts letter. She offers him a chance to change his fate Adult-FanFiction. AU Ten years later Harry shows him just how wrong he was. At the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Voldemort’s body disintegrates after Harry wins the duel for the Elder Wand. 12 While he walked towards the nursery, New Divide Chapter 01 of 16, a harry potter fanfic Harry Potter is the BWL and by some twist of Fate he was also the reincarnation of Voldemort’s murdered lover. Abused for six years, Harry was rescued and adopted by Voldemort. Lord Voldemort (born Tom Marvolo Riddle) is the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series written by British author J. She has no knowledge of her magic or her family's history. ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ includes plenty of fanfic tropes, but ignores queer representation. A King's Queen: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom Fanfiction. She always carries an umbrella and ridiculously expensive Burberry bag. AU fic. In addition, in Deathly Hallows, Voldemort repeatedly uses Legilimency to interrogate his victims. SLASH HP/LVTMR A/N:Tom,Harry,Voldemort SLASH. This brought her to her current distraction, the reason she'd spent over an hour Voldemort: Origins of The Heir is an unofficial fan made prequel to the Harry Potter series. Since the death of this wife Lucius has been keeping more company with the Dark Lord himself (u can guess what I mean by company) and this crazy partnership is working then one day the Voldemort who don't look like a snake face but is now looking like a normal human being apart from he has red eyes turned to his blonde husband (yep) and said "I want an heir Lucius. 13 Jan 2012 Summary: Harry, After years of abuse at the Dursley's and constantly being used by the light he turns to Voldemort. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was released in 1997. And a pervy octopus. Jul 06, 2011 · Percy, Grandson of Voldemort Chapter 1: To hogwarts we go, a Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover fanfic - FanFiction. However, the movies changed a lot about the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, including Voldemort’s ultimate fate. The rape and sub-dom-ness &etc. The more Harry gets to know his former archnemesis, the more he questions himself. You can find my full EVERYTHING blog at helly-watermelonsmellinfellon. Warning:yaoi harryomc mpreg Harry Potter is a broken man. Voldemort: Origins of the Heir depicts the story of Tom Riddle's rise to power as a dark wizard and main antagonist in the Harry Potter saga. AU: You are born with your soulmate's name on your wrist. As long as any of the pieces of his soul survived, he could be returned to life. " It was funded through Kickstarter, but still sanctioned through Warner Bros. Harry Riddle by snarryvader81 is a cracky Harry Potter AU Fan Fiction in which the first War with Voldemort never ended and Tom Marvolo Riddle is Harry's biological father. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Harry P. A love letter! The boy had  An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. He could have killed him. Voldemort brought his hand off of the boy's forehead and went back to addressing his Death Eaters. Harry is back to school and Rabastan with Voldemort. Many fans may remember this as what always happened. Harry Riddle provides examples of: Artifact of Doom: Grindelwald's necklace which is a horcrux. Voldemort stopped sending Nagini on missions after he realised that Harry knew about the existence of his Horcruxes and was tracking them down, and placed her within a barrier to keep both her and his soul fragment safe, so long as he believed she was under the threat of being killed by Harry. makes this well above: nc-17. 75 Lord Voldemort walked up the stairs to follow the woman who had decided to hide in the child's nursery. 1) The Cruciatus Harry used in the Department of Mysteries was successful. But when things he doesn't understand start happening and the lines between the dead and the living aren't so clear anymore, Harry begins to doubt the world and reality he lives in. Warner Bros. The film was made by an independent film company named Tryangle, by Gianmaria Pezzato and Stefano Prestia and financed through a crowdfunding scheme. It's not enough for them just to get an NC-17 rating! And erotica isn't limited to just Plot-What-Plot. In the attempt to save his friend's life, Harry finds himself in the clutches of Lord Voldemort, living through the times that made Tom Riddle into who he is today. You may be King, but watch the Queen conquer. Harry's brother thought to be Prophecy child and he lives a life of bitterness and ignonimy. In The Cursed Child, Albus and Scorpius are inseparable friends, exchanging the kind of heartfelt declarations that Harry, Ron, and Hermione were usually too embarrassed to say out loud. Harry is not a Horcrux, but he is harboring a piece of the Dark Lord’s soul. Though not in the way he  2 Feb 2008 One-shot, mpreg, slash, OoC Voldie, ignores HBP and DH, LV/HP. net site. Dec 02, 2017 · It's hard to believe that a young man like this becomes Voldemort. This piece is destroyed when Voldemort hurls the Killing Curse at Harry, thereby eliminating one more option for immortality for the Dark Lord. org by its members. In the end, there had been no doubt that the Boy-Who-Lived had turned from the light and joined Voldemort. ". I normally avoid fics that have Voldemort paired with Harry (slash or one character is fem) because the age gap between the characters makes anything of that sort creepy and unrealistic for me. 0 of the Android app on Google Play store with new Folder feature for Library/Downloaded stories, redesigned home screen UI and lots more. It's an impressive attempt, but is basically expensive fanfiction. Hermione turns super hot over the summer and starts shagging Draco. This is THE largest Dark Harry archive, containing over 2000 stories, and the ONLY one that still gets updated regularly. of the blogs can be made into articles. Located : Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Voldemort: Harry Potter is dead—or so the wizarding world believes. Despite being a grown teenager who has faced Voldemort several times, Harry can suddenly be bullied, abused, and intimidated as easily as if he were a helpless five-year-old. Many of the following HP fanfiction recommendations are stories that I'd classify as erotica, though not all, by any means. Sensus Fanfiction Archive's Harry Potter archive, Gramarye. Features a dark Harry in Slytherin, from pre-hogwarts to the end of the war. Voldemort was a special kind of person, and key to the Harry Potter series. In doing that he attracts the attention of the Dark Lord, making Voldemort believe that the Boy-Who-Lived could be far more than an enemy. Harry is offered the same choice: to go back to the land of the living or to board a train into the beyond. Harry has a few secrets will Draco find out read to find out. When two souls fall in love, ther The Vampire's Mate: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom Fanfiction AU: Creature Inheritance Trigger Warning: Rape and Low-Key Pedophilia The moon is my sun, the night is my day, blood is my life, and you are my prey. Voldemort decide to raise Harry as his Heir. Trying to protect the Philosopher's Stone, Harry is kidnapped by Voldemort, who uses Legilimency on him and learns that he is a Horcrux. Rowling can be made into blogs and the relationships, children, families, etc. But Voldemort decides not to kill him. 8 Aug 2010 Voldemort strode through the long draughty corridor intent on finding his victim. 1883 – March 1998) was a wizard who is considered to be among the most powerful and dangerous Dark Wizards of all time, second only to Lord Voldemort. He grows into his powers as the Dark Lord's heir at Durmstrang and, eventually, Hogwarts. There's a new unofficial "Harry Potter" movie called "Voldemort: Origins of the Heir. Net. Plus defend themselves against the Big Harry Potter And The Crow Knight. Snape dies at the hands of Lord Voldemort in the seventh book, at which time his back story is revealed. They were humanity's saviors. Dec 22, 2015 · The one thing that I could not bring myself to like was that, in this alternate universe, the reason that Harry could speak Parseltongue was because Voldemort was his grandfather through rape on Lily’s side! It seemed to be a convoluted way of introducing the Slytherin side, and was very out of character for Voldemort. Voldemort was enraged when Nagini was beheaded by Neville Longbottom with Godric Gryffindor's Sword, and he attempted to kill him in retaliation. This is for you Abby, for telling me I couldn't write a Harry Potter fanfic without reading the book or watching the movies. Nobody else heard, but in the circle, Voldemort told Albus that Harry was innocent. " Harry seems to be oblivious to Draco's problems and Draco is slowly going insane while watching Harry. Marrietta Riddle was an orphan since she was born. Harry could return to his body despite being hit by the Killing Curse from the Elder Wand because Voldemort had used Harry's blood to regain his full strength in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and because the actual master of the Elder Wand, Draco Malfoy, had been defeated by Harry making Harry the new master of the Elder Wand. Secrets unfold, masks fall and Harry faces the consequences of his summer romance. The boy shares a name with a creature known to be extinct for the last 100 years. Jun 20, 2016 · This fanfiction imagines Harry falling asleep and waking up in a world where his entire family is still alive. There are plenty of Harry Potter fanfics that explore outlandish scenarios— those featuring a pregnant Voldemort, for instance — and ones of impressive quality. Harry lay panting on the bed as Voldemort leaned forward and squirmed to get inside Harry even more. That said, thunderstorm is written with Harry being paired with a fem!Tom that is as old as him. The prophecy states that they both are of an ancient race of beings, bound to rule the world, but only if they love each other. intervened with the crowdfunding scheme Sum: COMPLETE After being turned into a snake and unable to change back, Lord Voldemort is forced to turn to the only other living Parselmouth, Harry Potter. He is the heir of Salazar Slytherin who was destined to open the Chamber of Secrets and purge Hogwarts from all Muggle-born students. Jul 08, 2013 · Harry/Voldemort or Harry/Tom Riddle may not be the most popular Harry Potter pairing, but it is more popular than you think. net read love romance sex slash humor hp fandom tomarry is the ship HPLV HPTMR HPLVTMR HP/LV/TMR HP/TMR HP/LV Main characters: Voldemort (mostly as Tom Riddle), Lestrange, Avery, Bellatrix Black (later Lestrange) The chapter described how Tom Riddle nearly died creating the first(?) Horcrux (diary). " Mrs. It now has a sequel The Prince. Jun 18, 2010 · Apprenticeship Blood Status Dark Side Dumbledore Bashing Dursley Bashing Elemental Magic Family Friends Hagrid & Severus Harry & Draco & Hermione Harry & Nicholas Harry & Ron & Hermione Harry & Voldemort Harry in Slytherin Independent Inheritance Light Side Magical Trunks Manipulative!Dumbledore Romance Shadow Magic Slytherin House Smart!Hagrid Jan 24, 2017 · Verry Good but very creepy Harry Potter. Thomas Marvolo "Tom" Riddle, later known as Lord Voldemort or simply Voldemort, is the main antagonist of the Harry Potter book and film franchise. In 1992, he teaches it to Ginny and brings her into the glorious world of perversion. SEQUEL TO A SUMMER ESCAPE. voldemort carries harry fanfic